Thursday, January 31, 2013

NFL Great Romanowski Joins Swan Racing

Bill Romanowski
Bill Romanowski, who played 16 seasons in the NFL, has signed on as a minority-owner of the Swan Racing NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team. The retired NFL star joins forces with first-year team owner Brandon Davis, who is leading Swan into its first full racing season.  

Romanowski’s health supplement company, Nutrition53, also signed on as a team sponsor and will be the primary sponsor for 10 races on the No. 30 Toyota driven by David Stremme. Nutrition53 will have an associate sponsor position on the car for the other 26 races.  

“Bill Romanowski understands what it takes to win, which makes him a perfect fit at Swan Racing,” said Davis. “Bill is the only linebacker to start in five Super Bowls, and he did it playing for four different teams. His leadership skills and approach to successful competition will help Swan Racing become a championship contender.” 

“I am thrilled to jump into the NASCAR world as a part owner and as a sponsor,” said Romanowski. "Brandon has a vision for how to build a championship contender and I’m eager to be part of it. 

“I’m also excited about the integration of Nutrition53 products with NASCAR nation. As Americans attempt to embrace healthier lifestyles, Nutrition53 can help NASCAR fans, drivers, crew and media promote weight loss, memory improvement and rejuvenation through better sleep," said Romanowski. 

Romanowski started in an astounding 243 consecutive games – highlighted by five Super Bowl appearances as a linebacker – and was selected twice to the Pro Bowl. He played for the San Francisco 49ers from 1988-1993; the Philadelphia Eagles from 1994-1995; the Denver Broncos from 1996-2001; and closed out his career with the Oakland Raiders from 2002-2003.

He now serves as founder and CEO of Nutrition53, which markets a line of supplemental health drinks and vitamins developed by a team of doctors, scientists and nutritionists to help with weight loss, energy, mental performance and sleep. The products include:
  • Lean1, a high performance nutrition shake designed to boost healthy, rapid weight loss without hunger.
  • Multi1, a daily performance multi-vitamin that provides a complete range of 24 vitamins and minerals.
  • Neuro1, a mental-performance shake that increases circulation and blood flow for maximum brainpower.
  • Sleep1, a natural sleep aid that makes sleep inviting, easy and rejuvenating.
“I’m getting on the Lean1 and Neuro1 programs starting immediately,” said Stremme. “Physical and mental fitness is definitely part of success on the track. I’m looking forward to making Nutrition53 products part of my daily routine.” 

Nutrition53 products can be purchased at over 10,000 retail outlets across the country and at Lean1 also is available at Smoothie King locations everywhere. 

Nutition53 will be featured on the No. 30 Toyota as the primary sponsor for 10 Sprint Cup races this season, including Texas Motor Speedway (April 13), Charlotte (May 26 and October 12), Pocono (June 9 and August 4), Sonoma (June 23), Daytona (July 6), New Hampshire (July 14 and September 22), and Atlanta (September 1). 

“Nutrition53 products will be used by the Swan Racing team to help them compete at a consistently high level for the full length of the grueling NASCAR schedule,” said Romanowski.

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