Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Middlebrook Reduces Penske Suspensions

National Stock Car Racing Chief Appellate Officer John Middlebrook has reduced the suspensions handed down by NASCAR to Penske Racing’s crew chiefs, car chiefs, engineers and team manager for unapproved rear end housings and suspension components discovered at Texas Motor Speedway last month.  

NASCAR suspended crewchiefs Paul Wolfe and Todd Gordon for six point-counting races and the non-point NASCAR Sprint All-Star race, a penalty that was upheld by a three-member NSCRC panel last week. Car chiefs Jerry Kelley and Raymond Fox, engineers Brian Wilson and Samuel Stanley and team manager Travis Geisler were suspended for identical periods.  

Penske Racing exercised its right to a final appeal, and Middlebrook trimmed the suspensions from six point-counting races to two today, in addition to the All-Star Race. All remaining sanctions, including monetary fines, driver and owner point penalties and NASCAR probation, were left intact.  

“After looking at all the facts and data and interpretations from the rule book, I have decided to uphold the original fines and points penalties,” said Middlebrook. “However, I have decided to reduce the suspensions of the seven team members involved from six point-races and the All-Star Race to two points races and the All-Star Race.” 

“It’s not a total win,” said Penske Racing President Tim Cindric, “but getting our whole team back in place four races earlier gives us a big boost.”


  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I sure hope that Joe Gibbs has the same "Luck" as Penske. Penske altered the parts on purpose to try and cheat, Joe Gibbs had No knowledge of the illegal part

  2. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Penske cannot be completely happy over this ruling but it's far better than what it could have been for altering parts to gain an advantage. Now, had Penske changed his name to Hendrick, it would have all disappeared except for 50 grand.