Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kyle Continues To Court Controversy

Kyle Busch’s pursuit of the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship will clearly not lack for excitement.

One day after pleading guilty to speeding and "no contest" to careless and reckless driving from a 128 mph traffic stop back in May, the resident “Peck’s Bad Boy” of NASCAR added another item to his lengthy list of distractions Wednesday night, wading hip-deep into an on-track controversy with Elliott Sadler that somehow swept-up Sadler’s Nationwide Series car owner, Kevin Harvick, as well.

The dust-up began midway in the Camping World Truck Series “O’Reilly 200” at Bristol Motor Speedway, when Busch slid up the track and across the nose of Sadler while battling for position near the front of the pack. Contact between the two turned Busch into the wall, doing significant damage to the right-front corner of his Dollar General Toyota. Busch limped his damaged machine around the track for a lap or two until Sadler attempted to pass, then harpooned Sadler’s Joe Dennett Motorsports Chevrolet in retaliation. As Sadler spun, Busch swerved and hit Sadler again, for good measure.

Busch pulled no punches after the race, either, blaming Sadler for the initial crash. “The spotter said I was clear,” he said. “I was clear at the time. Maybe I was too late (moving up the track), but he hooked me anyway and wrecked me. I’m not going to put up with it.” Busch admitted wrecking the Virginia native in retaliation, and dragged race winner and longtime rival Harvick into the fray as well. Asked if he believed Sadler had wrecked him intentionally, Busch said, “Yeah, I’m sure he did. Where does his paycheck come from?”

“He wrecked himself, to be honest with you,” countered Sadler in a measured, post-race interview worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize. “His spotter actually came to us and told us it was his fault, (saying) he didn’t let him know we were there. I’ve never had any issue at all racing with Kyle Busch. He’s a heck of a racecar driver.”

“I understand his frustration,” said Sadler, who rebounded from the mid-race fireworks to finish ninth. “When I went into Turn 1, I was kind of waiting for (retaliation) because I figured he was upset and frustrated. It cost us a chance to win, but it’s OK. I was mad (and), I was frustrated because I don’t think he understood the circumstances when he spun me out. “I was like, ‘Man, don’t spin me out. Watch the tape first.’ But it’s all right. I know he’s a very competitive driver and a good race car driver. We’ve never had any issues before at all. Just tonight.”

He bristled at the implication that his KHI connection played a role in the crash, however, saying, “I race for me to race. I don’t get caught up in this hoo-boo for Kyle Busch.”

Harvick also scoffed at Busch’s conspiracy theory, saying, “That shows you how smart Kyle Busch is. Elliott wasn’t even driving for us tonight. Joe Denette owns that truck, and those guys came here tonight to do what they had to do.” He also made it clear that his on and off-track rivalry with Busch will continue for the foreseeable future, saying, “We can race as dirty as Kyle Busch wants.”


  1. Brando11:29 AM

    This is frustrating to watch. You see glimpses of professionalism and undoubtably a championship is his future but he has to get out of this three-ring circus he creates for himself first. The last few years he's started the season with this 'new attitude' that slowly trickles out. The 'new attitude' lasted longer this year than in the past, but he needs to hit that restart button and bring a 'new attitude' to the Chase.

  2. anonymous internet genius1:09 PM

    Try again....As Dave said, 'you dont have to be right, to be mad.'

  3. I don't care what in the Hell Dave Moody says...was he in the car?? NO! So that Goober doesn't have the right to say a damn thing about it..just as I don't have the right to say if Sadler was right or wrong about slappin him should that have been the case! I'm also sick of all of these radio types (Chocolate Myers) to be precise having a one sided account of Kyle Busch..its like he may work for the opposition or something! I'm just flat ass tired of hearin all the hate..look at all the stupid shit Kevin Harvick has done in his days in our sport..or even the NASCAR Jesus Dale Earnhardt...he never did anything of this sort..I mean its the (Pot Callin The Kettle Round And Hot)...that's my piece...thank you for listenin everyone..enjoy your weekend..may the best man(Kyle Busch)win..yours truly Frankie

  4. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Kevin Harvick is such a little baby. Everyone likes to jump on top of Kyle, but Harvick is the same little whiny baby when anything happens to him. "we can race as dirty as Kyle Busch wants to." What an idiot! Maybe Kevin needs to listen to his own words, as he said, Sadler wasnt racing for him tonight. By that tune, Harvick should have no problem with Busch. Go back and look at the lap leading up to their dust-up at Darlington, you will see that Harvick got exactly what was coming to him! Exactly what he deserved. Had any other driver aside from the 18 been the one to dish out the punishment, this incident would have been dead and gone months ago. Instead we have Harvick basically admitting that the only way he will ever beat Busch mano e mano is to wreck him.

  5. billydelyon4:12 AM

    Funny, I've seen Kevin beat kryle many times...Just as I've seen Kryle beat Harvick many times...

    They both can be thick, but mercy if those busch brothers (Kurt being much worse than Kryle this season) are not the most meanspirited on the track... When Kurt intentionally spun JG last season in the chase, first time a chase driver just plain wrecked another chase driver... Then he goes off about how many times JG spun Rusty when Crusty drove the blue duce (although it was mostly Black in crustys day)... Get a grip Kurt, you took him out, it was a d! ck move, your little bro did the same the other night, aren't you proud of your infuence on little bro the Kebbler Elf?

  6. Frankie....The best of Sirius has the MLB network you can listen to if this whole Nascar radio thing has you all worked up, it's slow paced, monotone and promises not to get your bp up...just sayin.

  7. Nice Tony...misunderstood..I'm just tired of Chocolate is all..I'm listening right now..just as all things with a heartbeat my emotions get me vexed..and I still love Chocolate..I just find it funny when Kevin Harvick does things or any other driver its swept under the rug..and when its Kyle he whistles another song..but I too do the same I guess I'm bitchin for the sake of bitchin at the end of the day..thanks for the debate gents...tell me how that MLB thing works out only takes one ball to play that sport..its not for me..enjoy the races guys I won't get to watch em I'll just have to settle with the radio this weekend...

  8. Well I lied....I broke down and went to Bristol..and it was awesome..but what else could it have been..Hahaha..