Thursday, August 04, 2011

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Dave Moody


  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Dave, this is great. Thanks


  2. Anonymous4:23 PM

    We NEED nascar radio online!!! People in offices all over the USA can not listen to the best channel on SiriusXM! Please HELP!!!

    New York

  3. We would if we could, Scott. Turner Sports ( owns the streaming rights to all NASCAR-branded content, meaning we cannot do it.

  4. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Thanks for forum area Dave! I too am in an office most days and only get to listen to the beginning of TMD and the end of your show each day in the vehicle, and would love internet access.

    I do have a comment about something they were discussing this am and I'm sure you've talked about this afternoon, and that is the consolidation of tracks specifically in lower two series.

    I think it's time to consider taking all three series to the best 36 race tracks (possibly go to some twice like we already do) and do all companion events. I think would help all tracks sell their events while giving the ticket holders value for their money.

    As a follow up I would suggest shortening up the cup races to allow plenty of time for the races/practices/qualifying to occur accross the board. I think by doing this it also puts some more urgency to get to the front and improves racing! My favorite time is always the last 50-100 laps!

    Thanks again, love all the Sirus shows!

    Rob from Iowa

  5. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Love your show Dave. Would call if I wouldn't be so nervous talking to a big celeb like you and Angie. Hope to meet you in person in MI. Keep up the GREAT work.

    Rick G. Northern Ontario Canada.

  6. Anonymous2:13 PM

    i have a couple of suggestions for your legends interviews. how about showing the northeast more love and get someone like reggie rugiero..or bob polverari maybe?? just a thought

    masshole, doug

  7. Anonymous1:16 PM

    I know its all behind us now...or is it but I would like to defend Joey Logano a bit here. I heard some listeners saying that he doesn't really fit the "part" for Home Depot and most don't see him as a DIY'er. Well I don't see Jeff Gordon as an AARP spokesperson feeding the hunger; or Clint Boyer eating Cheerios and eating Hamburger Helper either. As far as Home Depot wanting to beat Lowes as their competitor to the home improvement store, get in line with everyone else as "5-time" has been beating everyone for the last 10 years and the result would be the same if Tony Stewart was driving for them. And for the record, in my opinion, I don't think tony did much "work around the house" and promote the Depot either. He wasn't even awake until 1:00pm on most afternoons.
    But anyway I hope they stay with Joey as he is the goods for the long term!

    PV from North Carolina

  8. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Thats 5 years, not 10....My bad

  9. Anonymous12:27 PM

    2011 has been the best season of NASCAR in years. My one and only complaint is NASCAR putting boxes of advertisement on competitors roof in victory lane. I know NASCAR needs advertisement dollars to support the sport that I enjoy and love; however I feel that competitors cars should be off limits! It makes NASCAR look CHEAP and GREEDY. Teams work hard to secure sponsorship and getting to victory lane is never easy at this level of competition and when you finally get there NASCAR covers your car with THIER sponsor's stuff sometimes their sponsor is a direct competitor of the teams sponsor! In my opinion that is not fair to the team and that teams sponsor who spent millions to help get that team to victory lane only to have NASCAR put their sponsor over the top of the teams sponsor!! NASCAR can decorate victory lane any way they wish but the competitors cars should be OFF LIMITS!!

    Scott E Buffalo,NY