Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pastrana Seeks New Kind Of Daytona Win

"Expectations are pretty high"
The neon yellow stripe on the back of Travis Pastrana’s No. 60 Roush Fenway Racing Ford Mustang may blend in with the car’s garish paint scheme, but little else about the action sports star blends in. The 6-foot-2 Pastrana brings a fresh perspective to NASCAR in his first full-time season with Roush Fenway Racing in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

By NASCAR standards, Pastrana is not a rookie, having made nine previous starts in the Nationwide Series. Nonetheless, Pastrana will make his first Daytona International Speedway start Saturday, with that rookie stripe on his rear bumper.
“It’s a scary feeling to be a rookie again,” Pastrana said. “As I come into NASCAR with success in other forms of racing and enter this year as a full-time driver with a top team – everyone’s expectations are pretty high. I’ve always liked to be thrown into the deep end.”
Despite never making a stock car start at Daytona, Pastrana is no stranger to Victory Lane at the track.
“My first Supercross win was on the infield here at Daytona,” said Pastrana. “Daytona Speedweeks and Daytona Bikeweek have been two of my favorite events for as long as I can remember. Having the opportunity to race here in a NASCAR event is truly a dream come true.” 
Pastrana's ride will be tough to miss
The driver of the No. 60 Ford Mustang knows that racing at DIS presents a new set of challenges, unique to restrictor-plate racing.
“Every driver I’ve talked to seems to agree that there is nothing that can prepare you for a restrictor-plate race,” said Pastrana. “Nearly 200 mph – three and four wide and not being able to see anything in front of the car you are pushing – not being able to slow down when you are being pushed and all heck breaks loose in front of you.”
Roush Fenway Racing teammate Trevor Bayne, who will pilot the No. 6 Cargill Ford Mustang this season, has served as a teacher for Pastrana, after winning the Daytona 500 just two years ago.
“Hopefully, I can earn Trevor's trust, because he's the man here and I couldn't ask for a better teammate for my first race.”
Pastrana feels as though he has placed himself in a perfect situation to capitalize on success, this season and beyond.
“I'm lined up with great equipment and an amazing crew,” added Pastrana. “I'm surrounded by a lot of knowledge and I'm ready to learn. This season is going to be an epic ride. Game on.”


  1. Anonymous11:10 PM

    I hope he does really well, such a cool guy

  2. Still no sponsor on that car? What's the scoop Moody?

  3. Michael in SoCal10:34 AM

    Man - if that isn't the worst paint scheme ever, it's up there with the best / worst of them.