Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Wrigley Pulls Alert Gum, Sadler Sponsorship In Question

Wrigley is pulling its new “Alert Energy Caffeine Gum” from the market temporarily, as the United States Food and Drug Administration looks more closely into the proliferation of caffeine-added products in the marketplace.

Alert Energy Caffeine Gum has sponsored Elliott Sadler’s No. 81 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota in a pair of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races this season, with plans for another. A spokesperson for the company said today, however, that production and sales of the gum will be halted temporarily while the FDA clarifies its guidelines concerning caffeine-added products.
Wrigley North America President Casey Keller told The Associated Press today, "After discussions with the FDA, we have a greater appreciation for its concern about the proliferation of caffeine in the nation's food supply."
There is no word from Joe Gibbs Racing on how Wrigley’s decision may affect the Sadler sponsorship.


  1. This explains why they re-wrapped Elliott Sadler's car without the Alert Energy Gum colors for Talladega and replaced it with Doublemint. I believe it actually was re-wrapped at the track because Gibbs has their display on their website with the weekend sponsors and the Alert Energy Gum appeared all the way throughout the week until - I believe - the Friday before the race.

  2. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Crappy season for Elliot, I hope it turns around very soon.

  3. First, Elliott Sadler had "DOUBLEMINT" on the 81 Car Not "ALERT GUM" at Talladega and never got to run in the race because Qualifying was rained out. Secondly, I say Joe Gibbs Racing and Wrigley could do another race since Sadler only ran 13 Laps of Practice and used maybe 1 or 2 sets of tires in that "DOUBLEMINT" 81 Car! If they still plan on running the 81 at the 2nd Talladega Race, then do you think they would use that as the Replacement Race or maybe do another to fulfill the Contracted 3 race Sponsorship Deal?

  4. Anonymous10:55 AM

    The Gum is AWFUL. I'm hope the truth is that Mars pulled it because it tastes like crap, not that the FDA is going to start regulating Caffeine.

  5. Wrigley's should wrap the car in JUICY FRUIT colors... that would be a beautiful race car and the LOGO would stand out among the competition!