Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gordon's "Test Drive" Video Was A Spoof

Brad Noffsinger
Spokespersons for Pepsi MAX have confirmed that Jeff Gordon’s hilarious new video is a spoof, shot last month at a pair of locations in Concord, NC.

In the video, the former NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion disguises himself as a mild-mannered, mini-van driving consumer, in an attempt to lure an unwitting car salesman into a high-speed test drive. The video features Gordon performing a series of smoking donuts and high-speed maneuvers, while the salesman howls in fear.
The video was shot last month at Troutman Motors in Concord, and also on the Philip Morris compound in the same town.  Former NASCAR Nationwide Series driver Brad Noffsinger, now an instructor with the Richard Petty Driving Experience, performed all the high-performance stunt driving for the video.
Photo: Tear Off Heaven


  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    dah, everyone knows Jeff isn't that good at burn outs and

  2. Still an entertaining little video

  3. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Disappointed in you, Jeff. At least Brian Vickers does his own spoofs! (ie COT in Manhattan)

    Minneapolis, MN

  4. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Who cares. I laughed so hard I was crying. After the 3rd replay I began to realize it had to be fake, but so what. Brilliant and hilarious. Cudos to Pepsi.

  5. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Manufacturing personalities......gotta love the Hollywood types

  6. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Not that Gordon isn't well beyond talented enough to do the driving, anybody who is old enough to remember watchin' Noffsinger slide a sprint car or a silver crown rig around on the cushion at any number of dirt tracks knows he is more than capable of handling those duties.

  7. Anonymous6:58 PM

    It was kinda funny that it said it was an 09 Camaro, even though they weren't available an an 09 model year; the dash was a 2013 dash with a touch screen radio; and the car was a V6 car, not an SS or ZL1.

  8. Speaking of burn outs, how about Hornish at Bet Austin Dillon wishes he would have patented that, now he's stuck with the belly flop. Austin is probably too short to pull off the Hornish move anyway.