Friday, March 08, 2013

Patrick Takes Her Lumps At Local Dirt Track

"It hit me right about... here"
Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. came to NASCAR from a dirt track background and owns his own a dirt racing team.

His girlfriend, however, is no fan of dirt racing.

Danica Patrick revealed today that she accompanied Stenhouse to watch his race team in action last night, and emerged with a lump on her head and an unpleasant introduction to the game.
 “I feel like I have a concussion from last night,” she said. “I got hit by a rock at the dirt track and I (was knocked) to the ground. I feel like it’s really sore. It hit me straight in the head. Good thing I had a hat on or I’m feeling like there would have been blood.
“My neck was sore after (a crash) last weekend for sure, which it never has been before after a wreck. (But) I was able to say my name and where I was born. They take your blood pressure, do vitals and ask how you’re feeling. I really felt fine.
“The medical staff always does a checkup the next day; they either call or send you a text to ask how you’re doing. They’re thorough, but it’s based on your information too. If I was to say, ‘I don’t feel so great,’ or `I’m feeling sick,’ or `I don’t think I can remember anything…’ it’s up to you to be honest about it. It’s your decision.
“You can say, ‘I’m fine’ and go along with your day. If you’re not, it’s your risk. They can’t read your mind, they can’t tell if you’re not well if you don’t tell them.
Patrick said she had no lasting issues from Sunday’s crash, and was actually more bothered by the knot on her head. “Other than my neck being sore, which I told them, I felt fine,” she said. “I said I had a headache on Sunday night and on Monday my neck was sore.”


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    1. Anonymous5:10 PM

      ..Yeah I'll write dat down: godaddy..(space).. driver's..(space)..head.. (space)..hurts.

      Got it. Thanks, Dave! Gotta run. Busybusy..


  2. Damon4:36 PM

    Why would you say she's no fan of dirt racing after that? It was a freak accident.

  3. Anonymous12:50 AM

    She's laying foundation for an excuse why she performed so bad in Vegas.

  4. That press release is not entirely accurate. Danica's "introduction to dirt track racing" came last year when she raced a dirt late model in the Prelude ToThe Dream.

    Given he struggles in that race (she wrecked), and getting hit in the head with a rock, I understand if someone would assume she isn't a fan of dirt track racing.

    I don't think she will be entering the Truck race at Eldora.