Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jeremy Mayfield Has Multiple Charges Dropped

Ten felony counts of breaking and entering and larceny filed against former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield were dropped recently, after the main witness against him was killed in a motorcycle crash.

John Kavann Franklin died in the aftermath of an aborted police chase on Sept. 16 of last year. He had been indicted as a co-defendant along with Mayfield on seven felony counts of breaking and entering and three felony counts of larceny, as a result of burglaries at the former Red Bull Racing and Fitz Motorsports NASCAR shops. Law enforcement officials say a number of items stolen in those burglaries was recovered on Mayfield’s property, but he has called the charges "baseless,” saying the property belonged to him and his wife, Shana.

Court papers described Franklin as a "co-defendant/primary witness… who can establish property was stolen from alleged victim,” adding that without him, there is now insufficient evidence to take the case to trial. Nine of the charges against Mayfield were dropped in November of 2012, with the final count dropped two weeks ago.

Mayfield still faces three felony counts of possession of stolen goods and one felony count of obtaining stolen goods by false pretenses in neighboring Catawba County, where items stolen from the NASCAR teams were allegedly recovered on his property. He also faces one felony count of possession of methamphetamine there. In Caldwell County, Mayfield faces four additional unrelated counts of felony larceny.

He is due back in Catawba County court on April 1.


  1. Anonymous7:25 PM

    since the nascar teams are no longer involved in this can we all come to an agreement that this is no longer nascar news? That's right im calling for an end to all mayfield blunder coverage from here on out. Who's with me? Im sick of our good sport being associated with this monkey and im even less in favor of it being associated with court room media coverage.-You know, that type of "lets see just how badly a given person of fame has messed thier pants" type of coverage. We see it all the time in stick n ball media. They cling so close to a mess it seems they wanna smell it and taste it and roll around in it until it is ultimately their own. At the end of the day you wonder who are the real monkeys? The ones that crapped the bed or the ones that lapped it up?
    I for one believe we are better than this. We are stronger than this. We see self destruction everyday people. The truckers out there see death and danger and wantan disregard for safety and decency and respect for others on a daily basis. Don't we all get our fill of this sludge? Name an hour of the day and with it is another person the world is just drueling to see fail. Well Im not a part of that world and im calling out to all of my good fellow nascar fans to join with me! Let's not go down this road! Let's let our own media know that they don't have to fall in step with the stick n ball guys. Let's let them know that we are nascar fans because to us racing is something that makes us feel alive. This is OUR sport and what we do with it is still up to us. The stick n ball group has their way of doing things. We can still have ours. We haven't sold our self respect for ragmag bs yet! We are nascar nation!

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  3. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Looks like that apology to Brian France worked. Looking for to seeing Mayfield back on the track soon.

  4. As a NASCAR fan, I hope that people will see past some bad choices made by a very respectable driver. What happens in someone's personal life should have no affect on one's driving abilities. This driver took 2 hrs out of his busy schedule to sign my cousins memorabilia. 2 HOURS! How many other drivers would stay 2 hrs past the cut-off for signing autographs? Go Mayfield!!! Even if you demand a drug test every week, do what you have to do. Give a great driver a chance to shine one more time. This is a family sport and I think we should act as such; embrace a family member that needs it. Jeremy should drive again. Didn't NASCAR give A.J. Almendinger another shot? What about Mark Martin being an alcoholic when he started back in the day? Look at him now! Leave him alone. He still has many, many fans.