Thursday, March 07, 2013

Hamlin Docked $25,000 For Phoenix Comments

NASCAR fined driver Denny Hamlin $25,000 today for comments he made following the March 3 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Phoenix International Raceway. 

NASCAR determined that Hamlin violated Section 12-1 (actions detrimental to stock car racing) of the 2013 NASCAR Rule Book. The sanctioning body issued a statement regarding the penalty, saying, “Following the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event last Sunday at Phoenix International Raceway, Denny Hamlin made some disparaging remarks about the on-track racing that had taken place that afternoon. While NASCAR gives its competitors ample leeway in voicing their opinions when it comes to a wide range of aspects about the sport, the sanctioning body will not tolerate publicly made comments by its drivers that denigrate the racing product.”



  1. Anonymous2:27 PM

    boo hoo nascar. Let the driver's speak. Honesty is good

  2. Anonymous2:42 PM


  3. Anonymous2:56 PM

    I think NASCAR is getting to be a little too sensitive. I understand that NASCAR has a right to protect their brand but I think they have to learn to choose their battles wisely. Many people are going to consider this a joke. I may be able to understand it if Denny pulled a Kyle Busch and outright said "These Gen 6 cars suck". However- I took it as him saying the teams just do not have a handle on adjusting the new car to the tracks. This is understandable because we are only two races in! NASCAR has said themselves that this car is a work in progress and that the car is not perfect as it sets today. So why would they penalize a driver for openly agreeing with them? I just do not get it.

    1. Anonymous7:03 AM

      Because they are starting to panic about the health of the sport and their jobs. Wait maybe that's just the media.

  4. Anonymous6:18 PM

    What Hamlin said is true and is supported by fact. If you disagree you are ignoring fact. France obviously thinks most of us are stupid and can't tell that the competition with this new car is worse than what we're to. He must think we thought the Gen6 racing was great until Hamlim spoke about it. I blame myself (I'm Stupid OK)for hearing Gen6 has more down force and believing that would create better racing. More down force = more aero dependent which gives clean air an advantage hence hard to pass a clean air car. NASCAR credibility takes another hit for this fining of a guy for telling the truth. Ironically there would be no fine if he towed the line and lied to us. Feet2Fire