Friday, March 08, 2013

Hamlin: "I Was Severely Disrespected By NASCAR"

Denny Hamlin has responded to the $25,000 fine assessed to him by NASCAR for comments critical of its new, Gen-6 race car.

“I was severely disrespected by NASCAR by getting fined,” said Hamlin in a written statement last night. “I believe that the simple fact of us not even having a conversation about this issue before I was hit with a fine has something to say about our relationship. What I said was one sentence, taken completely out of context.
“Most drivers will tell you that we constantly have our AND NASCAR’s best interest in mind when speaking. On the other hand, I am a person that worked very hard from the BOTTOM to get where I am today and someone telling me that I can(t) give my 100 percent honest opinion really bothers me.
“Since being fined in 2010, I have been a lot more careful about what I say to media and I felt this past weekend felt (sic) completely in my rights to give a assessment of the question asked.
“I feel as if today, NASCAR lost one of its biggest supporters vocally of where our sport is headed. So in the end, there are no winners. I said today I would not pay the fine. I stand by that and will go through the process of appealing. Trust me, this is not about the money. It's much deeper. I will now shift my focus on giving FedEx and my team what they deserve this weekend, a win.”
Photo: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images North America


  1. Nascar you messed up. Fine me.

  2. Dwayne in Memphis10:16 AM

    I've never rooted for Denny as hard as I will this weekend. Normally I'm an Earnhardt guy - but this week I'll settle for second JUST SO Denny can win the race, crawl out of the car in victory lane, and say, "I won. That's all I have to say." Or some other blatantly obvious, completely neutered, milquetoast answer.

    NASCAR didn't like Denny Hamlin saying the car needed work like the COT did when it debuted. But then again, I didn't need Denny Hamlin to tell me something I had already seen on the track.

    In my opinion, a move like this by NASCAR is FAR more detrimental to the sport than Denny stating the obvious about the car needing some work to make it better. Telling me the car needs some work gets a "thank you, Captain Obvious" remark directed toward the television. Fining him $25,000 to shut him up when he says wreaks of black helicopters, and smoke-filled rooms and ALLLLL of that conspiracy crap that NASCAR tries to distance itself from.

    Nice job, NASCAR. Fine yourself for being so incredibly stupid.

  3. Anonymous3:25 PM

    The beatings will continue until morale improves.

    -B. Fulton
    Minneapolis, MN

  4. This bothers me because: everywhere since before Speedweeks, we have been told "they'll get the car figured out", "it's a new car, it'll take time", or something along those lines by seemingly everyone attached to Nascar. It was like a mantra on Sirius/XM Nascar radio for weeks. Hamlin's comments seemed along the lines of anyone who has ever struggled in a car and gotten more out of it than they should have.
    If Nascar is a top tier sport, they need to make certain that the product on the field is top tier. Running three, four, or six races into the season while the product on the field is sub-par is inexcusable in my eyes. I get that the car needs to grow with the tech and the changes of the world, but nothing can survive mediocrity. Mediocrity causes NFL, NBA, and NHL teams to move, causes minor league teams to shut down, and causes short tracks to close. I don't want to see that. Looking back, I remember tuning in to see someone win, or at worst hope someone would shut one guy up every week.
    I have been a fan for over 35 years, and this pushes the limits of my loyalty. I don't subscribe to the black helicopter theories, and wish those in charge would quit serving those who do ideas on a silver platter. I don't have a favorite driver, and haven't for years. I watch not so much to root for anyone as to see how the drama and story unfold.

  5. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Totaly agree with Denny. After watching his interview I could not see anything he said that others haven't said. He did not say the car was crap just it was going to take a while to get it sorted out. But I also heard that if he doesn't pay the fine NASCAR will just take it out of his next winnings check. Sure hope he wins his appeal.