Friday, April 05, 2013

Burton Says Logano A Victim Of "Piling On"

"Just race and be himself."
Veteran Jeff Burton rode to the defense of Joey Logano today, telling reporters that while the Penske Racing driver could be more receptive to criticism, he is not a dirty driver.

“I don’t think there are a lot of drivers that have issues racing with Joey Logano,” said Burton. “There are a few, (but) I think it would be an over-characterization (to say) that a lot of the older drivers have issues with Joey. I don’t think that is fair.”
Burton said Logano is a victim of people trying to dictate the direction of his career, and how he expresses himself.
“I think Joey has been in a position where people have been pushing him,” said Burton. “(They) have their foot on his back, pushing him into being a tough guy. `Stand up for yourself!’ They even say it on TV; (that) he needs to stand up for himself. I think that has put Joey in an uncomfortable position.
“I think he needs to not worry about all that,” advised Burton. “Just race and be himself. Then, when a couple of issues happen, it’s easy to say `He did this (in the past), so that’s how he is going to be.’
“Some of it is piling on, in my opinion. But at the same time, when he does get confronted with issues, I don’t think he handles it very well. He doesn’t just step back and say, `You know what, let me listen to what you’re saying. I may disagree with you, but let me listen.’
Burton says Logano "is not a bad guy."
“He tends to resist, as if (thinking), `I’m right, I’m right, I’m right.’ I know I had an issue with him a few years ago, and I encouraged him to go look at the tape. I had already looked at it, so I knew what it showed. I didn’t tell him that. The next week I asked him if he had looked at it and he said, `No, I don’t need to. That kind of attitude is not welcomed.’
“I think Joey is a good person,” said Burton. “I think he is a good race car driver. I think he is a young person that is growing up in front of everybody. He’s had a lot of pressure put on him (and) he’s gone to a team where he didn’t have as much success as his teammates did at Gibbs. That puts a lot of pressure on you. Trust me, I know that.
“The way I came up was easier,” said Burton, “because I was running for teams that weren’t supposed to win. I was told, `Finish 20th and try to win the Rookie of the Year Award, and we’re all good.’ That’s a lot easier than, `This is a really good team with a championship crew chief, let’s go win this race.’ That’s a different deal.
“We all make mistakes as we grow up,” said the Richard Childress Racing driver. “Joey is not a bad guy. He can be a little more receptive to listening rather than arguing, (but) Joey is not a dirty driver. He’s not. I have no problem driving into Turn Three at Daytona side by side with him here.
“I’d race with him anywhere, any time. I’m not uncomfortable racing with him at all.”

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  1. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Excellent perspective by Burton as usual. The guy has got to be one of the most insightful drivers there are out there. Is it just me or does he always seem to just make sense? Hope he writes a book...