Monday, April 15, 2013

Keselowski Fuming Over Alleged "Targeting" By NASCAR

NASCAR confiscated the rear-end housings and other pieces from the Penske Racing Fords of Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano Saturday afternoon at Texas Motor Speedway, reportedly after finding unapproved modifications related to the series’ new cambered rear ends. 

NASCAR has implemented several new rules this season to rein-in modifications to rear-end assemblies, and NASCAR Vice President of Competition Robin Pemberton said, "We're taking housing and some other things; a group of pieces that surrounds the rear suspension area.”  

Pemberton called the offending parts, “something that is not in the spirit of the rules."  

"(NASCAR) felt there was a questionable item that they wanted replaced," said Penske Racing director of competition Travis Geisler. "We replaced all the parts in question (and worked) through the process to get through inspection. I certainly understand their position and don't disagree with where they are. We always have a good, open dialogue with (NASCAR). I'm sure well all discuss that in the upcoming days.” 

Keselowski, however, was less conciliatory, accusing the sanctioning body of targeting his team for extra scrutiny in the tech line. He hailed his Miller Lite crew for “the effort they put in fighting back (against) the absolute bull that's been the last seven days in this garage area.  

“The things I've seen over the last seven days have me questioning everything that I believe in, and I'm not happy about it,” said the defending Sprint Cup Series champion. “I don't have anything positive to say. 

“There's so much stuff going on,” said Keselowski to reporters. “You have no idea what's going on. There's no team in this garage with the integrity of (our) team, and the way we've been treated over the last seven days is absolutely shameful. I feel like we've been targeted… more than I've ever seen a team targeted. But my guys kept their heads on straight and they showcased why they are a winning team and championship team.  

“We're not going to take it,” he said. “We're not going to be treated this way."



Penalties (if any) are expected to be announced Tuesday or Wednesday. Interestingly, Keselowski and team owner Roger Penske are scheduled to visit the White House and President Barack Obama Tuesday, to celebrate their 2012 Sprint Cup Series championship.


  1. Robert G.12:25 PM

    Like the vague "not in the spirit of the rules"
    If they can't be hard and fast (a whole other debate), then teams should be able to submit a change for pre-approval (or is it already there_ without having to make it "public" to the other teams.

    1. It's funny that the #2. Car made such a big deal about the 48 and there rear end of there car and saying that the 2 car would not do that to there car (cheaters ??)