Monday, April 01, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Stenhouse To Utilize Revolutionary "Tear Away" Paint Scheme in Kansas

Stenhouse will start the race like this...
To commemorate the launch of Zest’s new “High Intensity” Men’s Body Wash, Roush Fenway Racing, its team of engineers and the No. 17 Sprint Cup team have devised a revolutionary ‘tear away’ paint scheme technology that will allow the team – for the first time in NASCAR history – to feature two primary paint schemes on a single car in the same race.

“I think this is awesome,” said No. 17 Zest driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr. “We are always looking to be the first in everything we do here at Roush Fenway, so to be the first team to run two primary paint schemes during a single race is pretty cool. The funny thing is that I won’t actually see what the car looks like until after I climb out when the race is over. I know we’ve had to take some extra precautions with our spotter, Mike Calinoff, such as extra practices and picture association testing to make sure he can keep up with me after the design change.”
The ‘tear away’ scheme will allow the team to run the popular aqua themed Zest scheme for the first half of the race at Kansas Speedway. When the team comes down pit road for the first time after the half-way mark in the 267-lap race, the crew will – in addition to the standard adjustments – literally ‘tear off’ the original scheme, revealing the all new Zest “High Intensity” scheme underneath.
The team has been working on the process for weeks and can accomplish the switch over without adding any time beyond that of a normal stop.
“To be able to offer this type of marketing solution to our partners is a game changer,” said Roush Fenway president Steve Newmark. “We’ve basically just doubled or even tripled our inventory, as our engineers have determined that a single car can hold up to three ‘tear-away’ paint schemes without affecting the weight or aerodynamics of the car. I would expect this to become the standard in how we market and display paint schemes on the race cars by giving our partners even greater opportunities to connect their brands with NASCAR’s intensely loyal fan base.”
“We are very excited to say that we are the first partner to utilize the new ‘tear-off’ paint scheme technology,” said Jim Daniels, president and CEO of Zest parent company High Ridge Brands. “I can’t think of a better way to launch our new line of Zest High Intensity Force body wash. The guys on the team will smell great and with our pheromone enhanced body wash they will be quite irresistible. We have even asked Ricky and the team to wait until after the checkered flag to use the product in order to eliminate potential distractions during the race.”
“Our scented body wash moisturizes as it cleans and uses an intense fragrance to keep guys smelling great all day long,” added Daniels. “It was simply too intense to be embodied by a single paint scheme. Who knows, if we make it into Victory Lane, maybe we’ll tear away another scheme just to celebrate.”


  1. Is this some kinda April Fool's joke?

    1. Anonymous3:59 PM

      Ummmm, yeah!

  2. Happy April Fool's Day!!